Merge Saved Logins Back In

So the meerkat viewer has a great login grid manager that also lets you save user account information.

After noticing there site was down, i was able to get ahold  of Patric (thanks!) who uploaded the source I needed for me.

That’s when I realized that I really suck at coding, and trying to merge in something that you only half understand is hell.

So after about 7 hours of fighting with it each and every way, it works, and I understand it.

It works well, still needs testing, keeps your password hashed up, and also has protections put in place so you can not accidentally send a open sim your sl grid password.

Rage at blind bawwers.

So we released a new version of emerald.  It has tons of fixes, and tons of new features.  Took us about 30% of all the work ever spent on emerald to make it like that.  We did extensive beta testing, and are sure everything is working.

Yet all I get, anywhere, are complaints.

Why didn’t you add this feature?  You guys really need this feature?  Why did you remove this one feature, I can’t read a change log.

Or I get a bunch of people who say it has all these errors when we put the fix in HUGE RED TEXT right were everyone has to go.

I think I’ve gotten about 5 thanks, 3 of which were tainted with a complaint at the end.

Maybe people forgot why we do this.  I go through allot of hell, through support, bug fixes, changes, have to deal with people like neil.  It used to all be worth it when people just said thanks.. apreciated it.

But now it is just taken for granted.

I wonder if this is the same phenomenon that makes people break up with the one they are in love with.  Seems that over time.. depending on what you pay attention to, you take the good things for granted, and all that is left in your head are the bad things.  And that’s all that leaves it too.

Love, Sex, and Porn


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This is a graph of the total internet tragic of these terms.

I find it somewhat disheartening how porn has shown such a dramatic change recently.

It’s also interesting, that right before the new year, sex and porn spike, but right after the new year, love does.

Perhaps the love part is planned news articles..

Or maybe porn leads to sex leads to love..  maybe after people get porn, they want sex, and after people get sex, they want love.

Profile Picture and Avatar

Thanks Sakura! Both for the amazing one of a kind avatar, and the awesome profile picture of it too!

I really made a awesome decision to chase her around begging her for one of her avatars my first day in second life.  She’s gotten amazing over these (three?) years, and now I have a unique avatar better than my dreams could create!

From Profile

GPL Idiots and Arrogant Selfish Bastards

GPL is basically an open source license that generous coders can use to release all the information and time they took to make a project for free to anyone who sees the value in their knowledge.

It basically states that anyone can take and modify someone’s GPL code to do w/e the hell they want, so long as it stays GPL licensed. (aka, the modifiers must also give out the source code as well)

Now this is a wonderful little license. It lets generous coders be able to teach the world, while also insuring that this productive cycle continues as long as the project lasts. Basically all of my recent programming has been learned from open source code, and I, as well as millions of people are forever indebted to the programmers who released it.

You must realize that releasing a project of yours open source practically removes your ability to profit from it. The code and everything it takes to create an exact duplicate of what you have created, are now free to the world.


So here is the issue. People are selfish. Especially ignorant people who are so prideful of the modifications they have made, that they completely forget where 90% of the code they are using is from.

They slap the original creators in the face, and break the law and their own integrity when they take this code, and distribute it closed source.

So Neil, fuck you for doing this to my code. And to all other modified closed source “private” viewers based on LL’s code, you’re a disgrace to yourself.

Musical Keys

Now.. I know that there are various programs that let you use your keyboard as a sort of piano, but normally its only if you have the window focused, or press the right keys.

Sakura wanted the entire keyboard (every key) to be a piano. Left = low, right = high.

After some research.. i made it o.o

Windows only, but enjoy

Open Source at Google Code
Direct Download Link
Browse Source

Follow Camera

So, while walking around in SL, you can use your mouse wheel to change the follow distance of the camera easily.

However, there was no way to change the follow height (well, there is a debug setting you can set, but you have to relog for it to apply).

So Sakura (commonly in a short avatar) asked me to let control+mousewheel be able to adjust the 3rd person camera height.

Although all of this could be done with a lsl script, being able to change that smoothly on the fly is pretty handy.

Will be in the next emerald release.

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So.. after looking at precedent

I’ve decided I am going to patent my kids.

That way when some dirt bag marries my daughter I can sue him.

Edit: Now fiancee approved!

Security and Privacy

When security removes privacy, your doing it wrong.

Furthermore, I hate people who abused privacy and ruined it for the rest of us.  If you are one of the people that have caused the stereotype “only bad people need privacy”, I really hope you suffer greatly for eternity.

“A thief always has the best lock” is total b.s. as well.  It does not take a thief to understand vulnerabilities and weaknesses in security.  Nor does it take a thief to have something meant only for themselves.

Swine Flu

After about a week of it, and being pampered, I am now immune!

It’s like the flu, just with more sympathy from people.

also this


Torchlight is amazing.

Just listen to the music in town, I have never seen anyone walk a line so perfectly.

They choose the best line.

Hello world!

Hello world.
So what should I do with this blog?

Sakura: tell ppl that second life wants to take away everyones freedom and then start your own radio show, then get your own TV show on fox