Over 1 Million Skins Installed

I know it is kinda silly.. but I modified a program to install custom skins in the league of legends video game, and a few days ago it installed over a million skins, pretty cool 🙂

Play by Play stats here.

Windows Growl For Skype

I modified a program that makes skype events show up in growl, you can download it here

Download Growl for Skype

There are other apps for growl available Here

My modification only made it work on x64 and gave it a icon.

Stealth Option in Emerald Removed -.-

Some emerald devs have decided that the option to not have the emerald tag should be removed, as the other alternative (how snowglobe 1.3 does it) allows your textures to be easily stolen.

However, instead of letting the other alternative be the default 2.0 behavior, they have decided that this was “lying” and for whatever reason, I am outnumber, a bit ridiculed, and it has been removed from emerald (till maybe 2.0 version, I don’t know).

what viewer you are on is not public information unless you choose to make it.  (name), you know quite well that it doesn’t have to be technically available to anyone other than LL.  I feel this is a privacy choice that should be up to the users to decide.  Not some developers who think they can foresee all possible reasons for such a feature.  I will go along with w/e the majority of the devs feel, but this is a core issue to me as it goes along with what i have in my head is a persons right to privacy where at all possible.  A stealth option in emerald is a feature that causes no harm to anyone else, it has been a valuable feature to people in the past, and I think it should always remain an alternative.

I am.. unreasonably upset over this.

Automatic Hidden Media

Second Life is a unique environment (compared to basic web browsing) for two reasons I want to mention.

1. IP addresses are NOT public information to the sim owner.

2. Sim owners can make users go to a web site without them knowing where they are being led

Normally on the web, your IP address is basically public information, it is critically required by any site you connect to, because without it, it doesn’t know where to send the data.  However sense SL is set up such that LL internal servers handle all of the routing, IP addresses are not necessarily to be known by sim administrators.

This lead’s to a few consequences.

1.  It makes it very difficult for the sim administrator to be able to identify individuals, which can lead to issues in security and control.  (Griefers using multiple alts that can not be linked together)

2. It provides users and visitors the perception that their alternate accounts are private information that they can control.

Now clearly, once you leave second life servers (by opening a web browser, media url, radio station, etc), the interesting phenomenon caused by LL taking care of the IP addresses is gone, and they are once again public information to the administrator.

Most people do not realize this, and possibly some education would fix any issues that are arising; but I see more to it than this. (specially when looking for a solution).  In secondlife, LL has provided sim owners the ability to run scripts that can direct it’s users to open up an external server, and for the best user experience (and by default) this is automatic.  The other mode is full manual (where the play/stop button at the bottom toggle the auto/none), an the last mode is totally off.

This really does not leave much security or control to the user, as when they have it turned on, it is automatic.

Perhaps as a power user (or paranoid) feature, I am planning on adding a third mode which will make the viewer prompt before each media change completes, and will let the user choose to let it complete or not.

For example, if you have media on and someone turns the tv in front of you to go to http://www.youtube.com, you will receive a dialog similar to “Media change requested to http://www.youtube.com, do you wish to continue?”  and options of “Yes”,”No”,”Always yes for this domain”,”Always No for this domain”,”Always yes for this parcel”,”Always no for this parcel”.

This would then allow the user to stop a media request to http://www.thisIsAIlligalBombMakingSite.com.

This is all great and shiny.. unfortunately there is a big complication, the brilliant people at LL decided it was a good idea to NOT ALLOW PEOPLE TO SEE WHERE THEY ARE GOING.  This is a check box setting that sim admins can set, which prevents the data from being viewable to the client interface (though of-course the backend must still have it to be able to load that page).

Emerald Devs were very strong against any bending of that rule, even to the extent that simply showing the domain that is about to be loaded would be a horrible sin.

The other issue is that there are some scripts that rely on a type of security that expects a very fast response time from the client (that would be lost if the user takes to long clicking apply), so basically, it might break some content.

Personally, I feel that (not just technologically) that people have a right to control every aspect of what they want, so far as that it doesn’t mess with other people.  If they want to block something and break that content, they should be allowed to.  If they want to choose which sites they visit and which ones they don’t, they should be allowed to.  And also, with undesirable thing’s on the internet, I think it is extremely important for people to be able to see where the data they are about to download comes from.

The final version of this in emerald will probably be just a third option, with the buttons mentioned, that will have to hide the URL if the land floater hides it as well, probably with a big warning box about how it might break content.

Ill be happy with that then nothing at least. Rant over. (P.S. Laura hasn’t been around for a week, exams and cramming now too, and ive just been on a really frustrated emotional streak that tends to drive me to my core.  Security issues and stuff have been pumping my blood sockets, I’ve already (stupidly and very rudely) reverted someones code that I didn’t agree with/ understand fully, broken down in tears over another issue that doesn’t even matter, as well as commit a patch to allow users to control what user agent information is sent to web sites (this was reverted as well, as aparently that is also a evil thing to do)) So I figured I’d rant it out here so I don’t do anything stupid.

New Devs!

Two new developers have decided to spend their time making emerald better for everyone.

Vaalith Jinn, who is working on an amazingly epic feature that will let you use textures on your hard drive as if they were in second life (auto updating when the file changes, etc)


Dimentox Travanti, creator of both the Toxic viewer and DCS, who will be helping with the port to 1.3, as well as some original ideas of his own that may lead to branching out windows to the operating system, or allowing a pipe to be able to use alternate lsl editors easier.

In case you were wondering if Emerald bought Linden Lab, or if DCS bought Emerald, none of this is true, dcs is not going to be implemented in emerald, etc etc.

Third Party Viewer Registry and PAR

So if you look back in this blogs history to February 25th,  http://blogs.modularsystems.sl/lgg/2010/02/25/ you  will see that I applied PAR to the registry a day before hand.

I had originally planned to keep all this correspondence about it private, but I have lost my patience with it and figured I would give you guys a little bit of insight on what is going on.

My first request was denied with this response. (on march 9th)

Thank you for your application to the viewer registry. We are unable to
proceed with the application for the following reasons:

1)    The feature list is not complete or is deliberately
obfuscating the inclusion of potentially malicious features.
2)    Grid Proxy is not part of the application, but Grid Proxy is
required to run the plug-ins.

If you wish to apply to have Grid Proxy listed in the registry, please
update this application with the necessary information or file a new one.

Which was absolute bull shit, and very insulting.  For the first point, the thought that I was obfuscating the inclusion of malicious features is absolutely absurd, it doesn’t even have a exporter!  So I figured that he meant that my “feature list” was not complete.  This point is absurd as well, as you can see Kirsten’s viewer (and many others) do not have a complete feature list.

So to play along and resolve this, I re-applied with a complete exhaustive list of every feature in there, as well as being much more clear and addressing the second point, how it is based on the code in grid proxy which is included in the program.

I figured they really didn’t bother to look and read anything more than the name.  And since it said “plugins” they just assumed it meant something useless that doesn’t even run without getting grid proxy or something.

So then I get to wait an entire month for this email response on April 12th

Thank you for your update to the viewer registry. As mentioned in our original communication, we are unable to proceed with the application for the PAR Plug-Ins, as the directory is intended for software which logs in to our servers, which the plug-ins on their own, do not.

If you wish to apply to have listed in the registry a software client that logs into our servers, please update this application with the necessary information.

Best Regards,
The Second Life Viewer Registry Team

Which seems to once again show an ignorant understand of what I submitted, regardless of the new information which I felt was inescapably clear. (Yes, PAR DOES log into second life)

So I was forced to consider that maybe they are not considering grid proxy applications as “viewers” and thus do not belong on the registry.  I responded back the same day explaining how it does truly log in, and that ignoring proxy programs will really leave a big loop hole in the registry, not to mention how it makes all my work look malicious if it isn’t listed.

Frustrated with the response time, I talked with Joe in one of the emerald meetings about this (I was so..wound up about this that I even let my voice crack for the recording), and he assured me that they have fixed the problem, and assigned a new team which meets and discusses things daily.

Today I gave up on waiting for a response, and went to talk with Joe again at his second brown bag concerning the policy.  His response was logical and made sense,  he clearly stated that proxy applications do belong on the registry, because they do log in, and that he does wish to encourage their development.

If only the other lindens I was corresponding with heard the word…

TL;DR;  I am completely disgusted with how my application has been handled thus far.


Man, i really hate it when people have their prim penis’s out in public.  I mean i know its a mature sim and all, but there is probably only one person who wants to see that, and only one person they want to see that! lol.

Tooltip Previews

Working on this.  hovering your mouse over a texture in your inventory pops out a little preview.

GPL Idiots and Arrogant Selfish Bastards

GPL is basically an open source license that generous coders can use to release all the information and time they took to make a project for free to anyone who sees the value in their knowledge.

It basically states that anyone can take and modify someone’s GPL code to do w/e the hell they want, so long as it stays GPL licensed. (aka, the modifiers must also give out the source code as well)

Now this is a wonderful little license. It lets generous coders be able to teach the world, while also insuring that this productive cycle continues as long as the project lasts. Basically all of my recent programming has been learned from open source code, and I, as well as millions of people are forever indebted to the programmers who released it.

You must realize that releasing a project of yours open source practically removes your ability to profit from it. The code and everything it takes to create an exact duplicate of what you have created, are now free to the world.


So here is the issue. People are selfish. Especially ignorant people who are so prideful of the modifications they have made, that they completely forget where 90% of the code they are using is from.

They slap the original creators in the face, and break the law and their own integrity when they take this code, and distribute it closed source.

So Neil, fuck you for doing this to my code. And to all other modified closed source “private” viewers based on LL’s code, you’re a disgrace to yourself.