Hey there,

I’m Greg aka G aka LGG aka LordGregGreg

Been a old school emerald dev for a long time.


  1. My compliments for beautiful viewer.
    I’m a big fan of the emerald “viewer. I am now delighted with the beautiful Emergence.
    The layout is beautiful and the picture may even better than Emerald.
    Thanks again on behalf frequent user of Sl in the Nederlands

  2. Hey greg,
    I saw your money making adf link today on your site, pls take it off it says something about the whole viewers trustworthyness:((
    pls convince us that your viewer is trustworthy or i will report this incident to lindenlabs :((
    This is just another “iframe in loginpage” incident o.O I hope the site got hacked and the adf link was implemented and that you didnt put it in yourself. the site is listen for spyware. virusses, adware etc.

    • uhm, what?
      what link are you talking about? the login page is the blog, there def isnt anything evil here unless i really missed it.. in which case i need more info.

      • you can try the update on the google code page perhaps

  3. will/is emergence (be) availabe for Mac?

    • deerstar, Greg has said he doesn’t have access to a Mac, so not likely.

  4. I really like the beautiful new Emergence. I’m an old Emerald viewer fan, but, your new Emergence viewer is really awsome!! It is less laggy than Emerald and even Snowglobe. The only thing that I’ve found is my gestures won’t load…. as as the last Emerald update. :(( ….. I work as a dancer and I use the gestures almost every night. Is there sonething I can do about this, other than going down the list and manually load them?

    Keep up the great work. 🙂

    • Aibell Quit usin Gestures and learn to Emote It looks nicer and shows experience Dancers usin Gestures is a bit noobish…

  5. this is nice but i keep getting logged out and a lot of times the voice wont work and i need to use voice my hands don’t work very well and i hate bugging my mate to keep typing things out for me ,,, but in all thxx 🙂

  6. Hi, What’s the “Secret” password-protected post all about (September 3)? Other than being a secret, that is.

  7. New to this, but did enjoy the emerald very much….Is any one having trouble get music. I am unable to hear any of the streams being played…

  8. Sorry for the breakup at Emerald … completely understandable though .. and thanx for putting out emergence. I have a question that has been bothering me for some time and annoys me ever hour that I try to be online in SL. In your experience .. have you gained a clue as to why Nearly every viewer crashes when you use a modern ATI card? Is there any way to fix this in a new viewer version?

    Don’t mean to open a bucket of worms but .. this is .. IMHO the most major failing of all viewers in SL.

  9. I am just wondering i have been looking for the system requirements for the emergence viewer and have not been able to locate them at this time is there anyone that knows them. I have downloaded emergence on my laptop that runs vista(sorry to say) and my new computer that runs windows 7 but my xp computer seems to have an issues with the application failed to initialize properly. I would like to also run it on this computer as well. Thanks too any that can help me.

    Blessed Be.

    • you can run it, go to the google code page, issues tab, and read the first one

  10. Hi my voice is not working now either……..and in my preferences it says that voice is not enabled, however I do not have a way to enable it……….voice did work great for my 3 days ago when I last used it………..but yesterday I went to use it and noticed I do not have the ability to.

    • try restarting your commputer, if that doesnt work, make a sppecific exception in your firewall for slvoice.exe (inside the install folder)

  11. Hey, great job on the viewer. i Just have some problems with random crashing. ill be doing nothing at all and i crash. is the current viewer im using. any ideas why it keeps kicking me off?

  12. Hi LordGregGreg,

    thanks for continuing on the great work you did for Emerald earlier.
    You had been one of the most “colorful” persons within Emerald and I’m very happy seeing you continuing the idea of emerald in its genuine project idea.

    In my humble opinion: You had been the greatest loss to emerald when I heared about the problems they have had and I wish you all the luck in continuing the great work you did earlier.

    Thinking: You’ve got a new “Fan” from the times it all started …

    Keep on doing the work you did before.. It was great and I’m sure it will be great in this project as well .. Thanks for the great efforts you did earlier and those you will do in the future …


  13. I want to say thank you for the emergence viewer I learned on emerald viewer back in mar , and like a a lot of people when we heard emerald wasn,t gonna be supported any longer , alot of people tried the emerald update. but then everyone was crashing constantly, so some people such as my self and others I know tried this out and found it to be so close which is way cool, and some got even more desperate and download sl newest update and that was eating or stealing their inventory.so any way just wanted to say thank you for making sl fun again (sept ,7/10)

  14. I don’t like the look or picture on the log-in screen..am I missing it…is there a way to change it on my end?

  15. Hallo from Germany to all here;
    I am Normaluser in SL had Emerald and loved it. Have not really understood what has been the Problem between SL and Emerald people. SL Viewer is not made for me, Handling is too – not complicated- no, is not mine.

    Snowglobe also not. Now I have a lot of Viewers. I think, I will love Emergence V. or Phoenix (not sure in moment). They are both not so different for Users-

    Thank you for this Emergence Viewer 🙂

  16. Deutsch ist leichter für mich.

    Vielen Dank für diesen – und auch den Phoenix Viewer. Den Original SL Viewer mag ich einfach nicht und finde ihn auch zu “verschachtelt”.

    Worum es genau zwischen LL und Emerald geht und ging weiß ich nicht, und interessiert mich auch nicht.

    Der Viewer ist mir allerdings wichtig!

    Vielen Dank an alle die an einer Alternative zu Emerald gearbeitet haben.

    Greetings from Germany 🙂

  17. Hi Greg,
    It has been a long time since I have gone into SL. Alot of it was due to the constant changing of viewers and compatibility issues with my system.
    I have spend the better part of a few weeks testing each viewer, and have found yours to be one of the best. Familiar due to it being something like emerald but sleeker.
    You have done such a marvelous job with this clean up and rebuild – like a butterfly emerging from its old life and shape.
    Thank you for caring and being so passionate that you took the time to do this.
    I just want to know 2 things. How do i get slurs to work using foxfire or ie, or safari, and where do i start to learn to program?
    LOL – you rock! Thanks – Maxor Yangtz (Robbie)

  18. Yes, thank gawd you have some sense and left the rest of that eliitist crowd in the dark. Excellent work with Emergence (love the name btw), so many appreciate your efforts… this can only go forwards from here, thank you so much from the many who were so close to leaving SL for good.

  19. I have emergence, and are very happy, as i liked emerald. my friend would also like to download emergence. would you please suppy the link. thank you . kathy

  20. link for emergence. for a friend

  21. Why does emergency viewer crashes me all the time and why is it that sometimes I can’t teleport no where in world using this viewer ?

  22. I have had no problem with Emergence and like it better than Emerald. I don’t know why, but it’s not as laggy and I don’t get booted all the time. Thank you for your efforts on behalf of all the SL addicts. I wish I had your smarts;)

  23. Jut wondering? I see LordGregGreg on this blog for Emergence viewer that is excellent and eveything works. BUT I can see the same name, LordGregGreg, on Phoenix viewer which doesn’t seem to work for me – many problems including no basic audio, and some voice file fails to download and you must continue install without? Which viewer is LordGregGreg really supporting, or is it both? Curious about which to run, since Emergence is the only one that downloads correctly and runs correctly. I try to read all the different blogs and can’t get an answer through all the drama being written about. Is LordGregGreg for Emergence or Phoenix?

    • it gets worse than that, im actually working on allot more than just these two!
      im trying to help out everyone as much as i can. use what you trust and what works best for you.

  24. how will we know if theres a update for emergrence

  25. Hello,

    Is there something you can do about the crashes? I have crashed 5 times in the past five minutes..no warnings no lag no nothing..its getting quite annoying. At the point where I may switch back to Phoenix..can you solve this please..thanks.


  26. Great viewer LGG. only problem i can see is in respect to us builders. The emerald allowed us to hughlight coordinants and apply that coordinant to another objet without haveing to retype the numbers,im sure you know what im talking about. Can you fix that? Makes a world of difference when building. Thanks for the Emergence Viewer, you have almost outdone yourself.

  27. Is there a support site to go it if you’re having problems with the viewer by any chance?

    • Sorry thought I put my problem in but guess not. SL was working good for me earlier but now when I try to sign on it says “Login Failed. Unable to connect to sumulator”. What does that mean?

    • support site is on the googl ecode page

  28. Hi I have been problems with aservers…pheonix..emergence and sl.I crashed and then it takes me forever to log back in.It’s pisses me right off..it takes me 30-45 minutes to get back in.What can I do..I really like pheonix the best.Can you please help me. 😦

  29. please please please make an emergence viewer for mac, the phoenix viewer sucks, it crashes all the time, i can’t teleport 60% of the time, and can’t even see my groups. please, i need a viewer like emerald

  30. works pretty good, the only thing is the music problem, it used to sound, sometimes not, so i did relog sometimes, i can hear sounds, just not music, but otherwise, its organized and i like that the chat tabs are on the vertical and not on the lowerside.

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