Ahh, about time :)

So remember before hand how I was upset over this and then even more upset when phox took out the little protection I did add to emerald after I left.
Suffice it to say that I am very happy to see this inside this.

yeah, this is probably important enough to call for a emergence update once i get the time.


  1. Amen, man. Thank you for the good things you’ve done for the community as a whole.

    Phuck Phox.

  2. Yay! On the update, I am still crashing much less on emergence than Phoenix, though I do use both. Display name functionality is unfortunately becoming necessary, since I keep getting rebuked for using people’s actual names.
    The media filter is an excellent add. Good basic security is essential.

  3. it is a great news indeed… maybe on a Emergence release?

  4. OMG yea to update i love Emergence viwer i have used the Phoenix viwer once and crashed like a ***** …..you hve done great work here keep it up well done credit due where its due 🙂

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