Phoenix Malware Stinks

So, apparently way back in the day “Phoenix.exe” was the name of some malware program. This isn’t even interesting, I am sure you will find malware with nearly every english name in existance these days.

However, some anti-virus programs are completely full of —-. We have norton and trend micro who feel like it is cool to block programs from downloading just because “not allot of our users have this file”, and whats worse, we have some programs blocking phoenix just because it used to be a name of malware back in the day!

So.. the easy work around is just to ask users to rename Phoenix.exe to something else, (because asking them to burn their antivirus program with fire makes you look evil), however.. apparently the people with this overzealous type of antivirus.. are not the easiest people to support.

Therefore, the forces beyond my control have decided that it is best to let stupidity guide us, and have chosen that Phoenix.exe will now be renamed to PhoenixViewer.exe for all future installations. All Shortcuts made by the installer will be updated and life goes on.

This leaves one slight issue though. Some people have a single directory for phoenix, and do all their updates to the same folder. Some have custom shortcuts to help them automatically use a certain setting file, or certain account names, or even batch files to help them run phoenix in a portable mode.
This new name change would break these modifications, as they would be linking to the (old) phoenix.exe name, instead of the new phoenixviewer.exe.

One solution would be to make the installer delete the old Phoenix.exe file, forcing these scripts and shortcuts to error, so the creator can look, see whats wrong, and update to the new name.
In my opinion, a better solution is to have a small program (named Phoenix.exe) be installed as well. All old shortcuts link to it, and it’s job is to simply redirect all information to the new PhoenixViewer.exe, therefore no one notices anything, and life goes on with sunshine and double rainbows. Source code to this program -> here.

Unfortunately, I am a very bad programmer… and this really needs to be tested too.


  1. Hi LGG! It’s funny enough, true.. But here’s the deal – and it’s more about psychology of the users than about technical stuff. Replacing the current Phoenix.exe with something that would just pass the incoming request to PhoenixViewer.exe is a nice and elegant idea (from developer’s perspective), however think about this.. People don’t think as developers, and a small (like 5kB?) EXE file will seem even more suspicious to them. Just my $0.02 …

    • maybe. good thing for me is that the people who use such disruptive anti-virus tend to be the people who don’t look into anything themselfs. I don’t think they will notice anything more than “oh, phoenix works now”

      and ideally.. the people who are doing things right won’t notice anything at all. (so far they havn’t been the paranoid type, or have the paranoid programs.. and.. if they are.. its ok to be paranoid so long as you are not ignorant, in which case this would be a good lesson for them to see what is really going on)

  2. Hmm.. You guys are maybe right buuut…

    Why not start with a GOOD antivirus to begin with.. ?!? The fact that a Norton pay-option comes with ie. Microsoft or Google products, does NOT makes it a GOOD product! Not that it’s badly written or maintaned but if I were a mallware coder I’d luvvv(!) to circumvent the VERY popular ones.. Besides, I’ve helped out lots of ppl. with their viral trouble, by far the most who needed an advanced ROOTKIT-scan (for the worst types of virusses like worms from keygen’s etc., and yesss.. *sighs* By far MOST pc users don’t use think straight when it comes to security!) WERE actualy using something popular like Norton, AVG, Avast, etc.. (Paid AND free versions!). For me personally I’m using Comodo free av. option only (not the firewall):

    It comes also in Win7(x64) version wich makes it run very smooth. Instead of Comodo firewall I’m using ‘Spybot Search and Destroy’ as backdoor guard (hosts file!), if there’s no immediate danger you can even turn off it’s resident feat’s.. And ofcoz there are loads of other good options as long as the user notices as less as possible it’s actualy running in the background, but whatever you do.. If you’re on a cracked Windows version.. DO NOT USE Microsoft AV. !!! It’s currently the ONLY av. corectly removing OS and WAT cracks.. Ö.< " ..LOL! You won't believe.. There was even a case, I believe it was AVG or Avast removing Windows OS-files causing boot failure (Dùhhh), so yah.. Scanning filenames is a BAD idear and these mistakes aren't supposed to happen!

    So far (Almost 3 years now, same install!) no trouble nor false positives at all yet, silly-gurl-like-me PROOF!!!

  3. Beter question: You emulated Emerald with Emergence. Emulated the pwroking version of it. Is pheonix REALLY doing anything so uniquely different that wasn’t already being done by emerald, and therefore by emergence?

    • yeah actually. allot better support, and quite a few updates and bug fixes. check for all thats gone down

      • AWSOME work those guys did indead,

        Besides some cool WL stuffs from Kitty Viewer, thought it’s a great idear to move OpenJPEG to the main sourcetree, I just compiled it SSE3 optimized (Correct, NOT SSE2!) with parallelisation with an Intel compiler for my Dual Core laptop, luvv those new WL/Multi-media feat’s.. ^x^ .. Tryin’ to figure a way to recompile Boost libs for IA-32 tough wich I now have to exclude from SSE3 optimization (llcommon, llmessage, etc.), but overal the main feat’s are workin’ lovely.. Also tried the OpenJPEG v2 switch but it’s still giving me grey text’s, for some odd reason they’ve included header files in the source path in libopenjpeg2\CMakeList.txt.. Checkout Kirsten’s svn on OpenJPEG v2’s slightly different handles.. 😉 !

        Just hope the dev.’s are able to somehow merge SLv2 mesh in somehow, so we can stretch timeframe a bit in wich we’re even able to use it.. Too bad so much hard work will be goin down in maybe less then a year or so and upcoming Phoenix Firestorm still has a long way to go..

  4. ah yeah, ive used comodo firewall a bit back in the day 🙂

    thing is.. it really isnt a solution to have alll the phoenix users use a better anti-virus, even if they would be better off if they did.

  5. Wish you would continue updating Emergence. My experience with Phoenix is just plain aggravation so does my friends who have tried it.

    It is too slow to rezz. A friend with a 5 years old computer with low ram and using Emergence can rezz faster than me using Phoenix in a dual core computer with no other programs running in the background.

    Phoenix is useless in situation such as popular destination. I would be there for hrs and nothing would rezz or everything is grey. If it does manage to rezz anything its usually incomplete.

    Bottom line Phoenix doesnt work for me

    • i think ill help update phoenix, then every so often pull over the changes to emergence.

      • The news that you’ll be updating Emergence from time to time is the best I’ve heard in awhile. Phoenix is ambitious and pretty well thought out but it seems to be a case of too many cooks spoiling the broth. Emergence has the simplicity of being orchestrated by one person thereby guaranteeing the code is more compact and elegant. Keep it up, LGG!

  6. Although I do think Phoenix Viewer is a good viewer, you are lucky no one has approached you for copyright infringement. Whoever it was that decided to use Phoenix.exe in the first place, should have done their homework and a little research would have reveled this older program and this never would be an issue. In the late 70’s there was a program called Phoenix it was a database program used for word processing and data entry. Go ahead… Google it.

    ( )

    • and a virus too.. and also a shooting game..and some data recovery software… and my cats name..

      but yeah.. not my fault.. name was decided on before i knew it existed.

      i don’t know how the law is.. but i think phoenix is too simple of a word to copyright.. maybe.. or at least it doesnt really look like we are trying to make a word processor.. i duno. funny stuff tho.

      • Semantics – it’s actually a trademark versus copyright issue. If the original owners wanted to pursue remedy they would have a legal right. I doubt they would though.

  7. I used Emergence but after decided to try Phoenix too. IDK where is difference really – they look the same for me – but Phoenix makes me crash often (with whole my pc even), so i uploaded Emergence again and stopped crash. Wish you to keep on working with own viewer too)

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