Phoenix Malware Stinks

So, apparently way back in the day “Phoenix.exe” was the name of some malware program. This isn’t even interesting, I am sure you will find malware with nearly every english name in existance these days.

However, some anti-virus programs are completely full of —-. We have norton and trend micro who feel like it is cool to block programs from downloading just because “not allot of our users have this file”, and whats worse, we have some programs blocking phoenix just because it used to be a name of malware back in the day!

So.. the easy work around is just to ask users to rename Phoenix.exe to something else, (because asking them to burn their antivirus program with fire makes you look evil), however.. apparently the people with this overzealous type of antivirus.. are not the easiest people to support.

Therefore, the forces beyond my control have decided that it is best to let stupidity guide us, and have chosen that Phoenix.exe will now be renamed to PhoenixViewer.exe for all future installations. All Shortcuts made by the installer will be updated and life goes on.

This leaves one slight issue though. Some people have a single directory for phoenix, and do all their updates to the same folder. Some have custom shortcuts to help them automatically use a certain setting file, or certain account names, or even batch files to help them run phoenix in a portable mode.
This new name change would break these modifications, as they would be linking to the (old) phoenix.exe name, instead of the new phoenixviewer.exe.

One solution would be to make the installer delete the old Phoenix.exe file, forcing these scripts and shortcuts to error, so the creator can look, see whats wrong, and update to the new name.
In my opinion, a better solution is to have a small program (named Phoenix.exe) be installed as well. All old shortcuts link to it, and it’s job is to simply redirect all information to the new PhoenixViewer.exe, therefore no one notices anything, and life goes on with sunshine and double rainbows. Source code to this program -> here.

Unfortunately, I am a very bad programmer… and this really needs to be tested too.