Emergence Notice

As I had hoped, a group of emerald developers and supporters broke away to finally do the job right, and if you have not heard of them before, I am very proud to be able to introduce you. They are the Phoenix team.
They have recompiled all the binaries in order to confidently assure no hidden surprises or hidden code from the emerald project make it into theirs.

The developers of this project are Jessica Lyon, Techwolf Lupindo, Tonya Souther, Vortex Saito, Hell Firanelli, Dakun Flux, Kadah Coba, Kitty Barnett, Liny Odell, Mobius Ryba, Wickman Gibbs, and Arrehn Oberlander.

Now, each one of them has the ability to potentially mess everything up, however they have shown me that they are genuine people who will consider your privacy and safety above anything else. Additionally they have provided their real life details to linden lab and are listed on the third party viewer directory.

The Phoenix team is made up of talented developers who wish to listen to you and create the viewer that emerald was meant to be, and an equally talented support team who can really make this viewer greater than I would ever be able to do on my own with emergence. Phoenix will be maintained and supported much more than emergence, and will be able to produce safe binaries made for all operating systems.

For the most part, the emergence project is suspended, it has fulfilled what it was designed to accomplish, and it is now advised to move on and download the Phoenix viewer Here. Macintosh, Linux, and Windows are all supported, and it has all of the emergence features.
Additionally, as the phoenix project was near its first release, I was invited in to help out, and I look forward to working with this team, their dedication to getting a clean build out despite all of the stress as admirable, and I really appreciate their ability to provide an alternative where I was not.

It is very difficult for me to make this post… despite how everything in this team has shown good signs.. It is hard for me to trust anyone fully. I am not forcing people to leave emergence, if you do not wish to use Phoenix for any reason, emergence will remain open for download, and periodically have necessary updates. Although I am focused on phoenix, I also have plans to assist around 5 different open source viewer projects, to help ensure the greatest good for the greatest number.

For allot of you, this will probably be the last time you hear from me directly. I wanted to personally thank you for your support.

I hope you understand



  1. Thank you for what you have done, with both Emergence and Phoenix.
    At this stage Emergence is still my preferred viewer. I am still having more crash issues with Phoenix than I would like, though I am keeping up with it, and trying it periodically.
    Really, its just that for now, Emergence suits me; it does everything I want, with a high degree of success, so it will continue to be my main viewer until this is no longer the case.
    Thank you so much for making it available.

  2. Greg,
    I think its safe to say that we all appreciate the sincereity of your dedication to bringing us a safe and non compromising viewer. I think its because of this that I am going to stay with the emergence viewer as opposed to getting the pheonix. I just simply feel that it does exactly everything I need and …frankly..if its not broke, dont fix it..right? You thank us for our suportive efforts but we in turn thank you for your creative efforts and your skills.Wish you the best in whatever ventures come your way in the future!

  3. Personally, I am very pleased with Emergence. As a builder, it gives me everything I need to do accurate builds. Also, as a builder, I monitor a number of building chats. People seem to always be having trouble with Phoenix and asking questions.

    All thing have bugs when they are new. But frankly, I have no problems with Emergence and plan to stay with it as long as it stays functional with SL.

    Thank You for creating such a wonderful viewer in such a time of upheaval. I will be forever grateful.


  4. well i think its us that have to thank you on your great work as well greg.. i love this viewer since it runs great on my lappy.. phoenix is refusing that .. so this is my only chance to enjoy my 2nd life without buying me a new comp,lol.
    hope to hear from you soon tho and continue your great work! lots of fun during this ! 🙂

    best wishes
    Joanne Serin

  5. LGG, I want to thank you for all the work you have put into Emergence and other viewers. I hope to be able to run Phoenix at some point, currently it crashes on login no matter what I do. Emergence has been THE most rock solid viewer I have ever used. Based on that – I do hope you do occasionally do a new release as Phoenix seems to be more concerned about features than stability which is a shame.

    • well, that may be more chance than anything else. To be honest.. im not ‘focused” on stability either :P.

  6. I love Emergence. It seems to work better with my system than Phoenix.

  7. Hi there,,,

    first of all.. thanks LordGregGreg for all the effort you spend in Emergence and that you will in Phoenix as well .

    Just one notice: I realized that Phoenis does have a problem to realizie the number of objects within the inventory on first start. I needed to relog to get the right number ..
    Worked fine after that.

    Other things seem to work well so far.

    Nevertheless I loved Emergence 😉

    CU Claudia

  8. LGG,

    I appreciate you keeping Emergence supported and your work on Phoenix. Personally I use Emergence as it is a quicker load and seems more stable, but I know plenty of people using Phoenix.


  9. LGG, I’m happy you’re going to keep Emergence up. I actually like your viewer, in spite of the numbers of people I know who are very pleased with Phoenix. I was a latecomer to Emerald and liked what it was supposed to be until the whole mess went down with Modular. So I do hope you keep with the periodic update.

  10. LGG — you were always honest with me. Bravo you — come back refreshed 🙂

    xx KK

  11. looks like for people who were having issues with emergence. there is a new update for it on the google code page.

  12. thank you thank you for updating. i LOVE this viewer and the improvements!

  13. Thank you Greg!

  14. I actually prefer Emergence over Phoenix for the chat system alone. The names on the sides are so much better than tabbed underneath. It allows for a smaller chat window without having it stretch across the screen and I don’t miss any im’s by not noticing a new tab.

    • yeah, i love that too. its in phoenix as well though. edit prefs phoenix im -> verticle Im tabs.

  15. I am sticking with Emergence LGG. I have had absolutely no issues with it and absolutely love the viewer. Unless something changes drastically from a feature standpoint which you can’t support. It is the best viewer I have used and I have ran the whole gamut on TPVs.

    Appreciate your efforts and I hope you are continuing with your efforts on helping folks with disabilities enjoy SL more.

  16. I was on Phoenix awhile until it’s start crashes lots, end up layers so many clothes, noob, and it headaches go back in SL viewer to start over stripping clothes to naked and reput clothes, then back in phoenix reput clothes.. 3 day later happen again, same.. loading slow tp slowing, got pissed with phoenix viewer for now. End up unistall, using Emergence, what I see difference is. it load fast!, rezz my avi fast, no nakie, layers up weird clothes, tp in 1 sec.! loading thing well no crashed now I am happy with this for now until phoenix get those all problem solves. If not, oh well their loss. =/

  17. I almost panicked when i saw that note and didnt read it fully, I thought we all had to say goodbye to Emergence. I have never had any problem with this viewer and if it stays I will stick to it. Phoenix doesnt suit me and almost all of the people who commented here, I have been crashing a lot on it. It is a relief to see that you plan to keep it too, I’ve joined the Phoenix group just to see how things are and all I’ve read are bugs and crashes and problems, so please please please… keep Emergence going =.= Thank you!

  18. Add me to the list of people who can’t use Phoenix…I thought it crashed a lot until I got the latest Phoenix release, and now it crashes even more. I am grateful for Emergence.

  19. Emergence has been / is the best viewer I have used, thank you for your work and
    continued success.

  20. I kinda prefer using a viewer developed by one trusted person. If I remember it correctly, one of the dev in the Phoenix Viewer team claimed that the Emerald Viewer is not malicious which turned out differently. Sorry, but I can’t trust a person who changes his/her mind like that.

    Please continue the Emergence Viewer project. More power to you and goodluck!

    • there were a few mistakes. We trusted each other, were told stuff was clean, and we believed it. It took me being betrayed twice before I had enough, other people, maybe took more or less.

  21. Thank you so much. I love Emergence and do hope it will stay around for a long time. It would be very nice if the Phoenix team would support you there as well. Two great viewers came from Emerald and I simply like the name Emergence better. Smile. I do use Phoenix and its new high end version has the spectacular look of Kierstens viewer. it is great. Only thing I do not understand about Phoenix It will not run on my system except in administrator mode. It runs well, but I dont like having to allow it to admistrate in my system. I have use it in Vista 64, Win7 Premium and now 7 Ultimate, if it is not administrator it closes. for that cause I prefer Emergence and if I need an extra umpth, then it is Kierstens who does not also need admin. The format of Emergence and Phoenix is prefered to me than Kierstens however. only feature I would like to see these viewers have is the ability to minimize objects menus. Thanks for this opportunity to speak with you. and Emergence is right up there with the very best as I can see. May you find support and be able to keep this great viewer out there for us.

    Thanks for all. Sincerely, Wayne Ascot

  22. i love Emergence too but i’d like you to consider keeping Phoenix updated too, even if it only a clone of Emergence. Why? There are non-technical ninnies like me that play more than one avater. One uses RLV, the other does not. For an airhead like me changing preferences and settings is a nail-biting scary chore. So i use two differnt viewers. There is probably an intelligent way around this but it is beyond my skills. Can’t you keep Phoenix active and updated too please?

  23. i love emergence, pleaseee continue with this project! i don´t like the phonix ! As a builder emergence has everything i need, it´s just awesome!
    Thank You !!!

  24. I wish you would reconsider. To me this is the best viewer. I thank you for all you have done. Emergence is easy to navigate though.

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