Jessica Lyon
And I thought what I did was difficult…
will post more later.


  1. Will this development effect your fork of the viewer? maybe an inspection and merger of the final code?

  2. Holy crap…

  3. HA, F EM. Hope you and Jess do something together.

  4. Very much with the others hoping you can team up with the folks who tried to get Emerald to comply instead of letting one ego get a vote.

  5. Yes.. please. It would be nice to see an actual viewer team being transparent, and not one single person wishing to ruin it for everyone. Personall, I found Phox’s attitude towards the situation as a hint that something big was going to happen against the team. “Linden labs just wants to kill Emereald” is not the comment I’d want to hear from any developer. After reading LL’s requirements to the Emerald team, it is clear they were trying to force Emerald to do better, instead of kill it.

    I do look forward to LGG, Jessica, and any other dev, that doesn’t want to be butthurt, working together.

  6. damn sad it’s ended this way…but we still have emergence.
    I’m darned proud to show the LGG tag.

  7. If only Jessica Lyons just posted this entire log IN THE SPIRIT OF TRANSPARENCY -Before- she resigned, the entire emerald community would’ve LYNCHED phox with their proverbial bare hands. I am very disappointed in the way erstwhile professionalism can ruin the virtues of honesty.

  8. I just want to say thanks for releasing the Emergence viewer. I’d grabbed the source of Emerald and Snowglobe intending to hack it together myself, but you’ve saved me the trouble. I loved the viewer and am very sorry to see everything have fallen apart as it has. I can only hope that the developers of other TPVs take some lessons from this, so LL is forced to continue to acknowledge TPVs as a legitimate option for accessing SL.

  9. LGG and Jessica – I posted this on another blog posting and wanted to post it here. If you guys decide to move forward with Emergence or under another name. I wanted to extend my skills, and support to the new viewer if you guys so decide to move forward.

    Also LGG I hope you did indeed apply for TPV with LL at you said on MBC. Yes, I have been following you guys! 🙂

  10. Should you considering keeping on with an SL viewer, you can Jessica should consider doing something. Maybe starting a new viewer or joining a current one.

    @Stone: Trust me, they’re lynching him. They.. are.. lynching him.
    He’s just taking it like the Black Knight from Monty Python, though.

  11. I would echo the sentiments of others; but appreciate what this whole mess has cost you. Perhaps, if Jessica and others are willing to continue, Emergence can be the basis of their endeavours.

    This affair is sad – but in some ways not entirely unexpected. YOU were a reason I personally stuck with Emerald for so long, and I’m only too happy to use Emergence and publicly support it through my own blog.

  12. well when it starts this way – pulling blanket in different sides figuring out who is chief there – it will not bring something good definitely. i think too that developers who are interested in future research should start something new, and they know how to start and what to get already. For user there is no difference if it will be called Emerald or somehow – need to have working legal viewer that answers to all requirements.
    Think about it, guys!
    We follow you:)

  13. Love the Viewer keeps me safe then all good

  14. I have come to the conclusion as more devs as lesser teamwork.
    With our stargatenetwork we have so many applications but we rather do more updates than hiring more people to do the work.

    2 people are ok.. maybe 3… but thats it! no more!

  15. LordGG TY for trying to keep the hardwork of the true and honest Dev team going. I switched to emergence when thie whole debacle with the green viewer started. I was a staucn supporter of Emerald and always believe in giving someone second chance … But, 2 or 3 chances you do not get with me. Emergence is a very satisfactory viewer and I know there is no further development in the future. However, at the moment … I t has and does what I need …

    Ty LordGG and TY to the few honest developers involved with Emerald .. I fought tooth and nail for that viewer and feel I got tossed to the wolves .. end of Rant ..

    Happy Weekend to all .. Just remember, it is not abou the viewer … It is about SL!!!

  16. Well I add my voice to the clamour for Emergence to be the new Emerald!!! LGG will you please get together with the others (except for the Cabal of Frac, Ph0x and Skills of course) and develop Emergence?

  17. i tried to downlod phoenix but the same think happened as happened with the emerald 2600Norton scans the download and in the middle of the scan,stops,and thats it,my computer locks up,can;nt close anything out and cannot shut it down normally,i have to use the power button to shut it off,When it re starts it doesnt restrat normally,everything is still there,locked up. after a few tries i get it to restart normally and then norton comes up saying it has removed the download due to a bloodhound

  18. unknown and the file name of the phoenix downlload with (WS REPUTATION) following it,i use the emergece viewer and it downloaded ok,but the emerald 2600 and the phoenix get blocked by norton,what are we to do?

    • norton has been acting weird about everything, double chekc the reason, make sure it is only because “not allot of people use this program”, if thats the case, turn it off, download, then turn it back on

  19. I am so happy that Emergence is available to take up where Emerald left off. The LL folks dont seem to be interested in providing what the customer wants and needs. I only hope that the development effort can continue somehow.

  20. FYI: your viwer does not allow login. Any infos if it got shut off already?

  21. sorry, my mistake, all good with login 🙂

  22. LGG..Your viewer is great…even better than Emerald. Thank you for releasing it. I was unable to log in this morning though. Has LL blocked it?…Gods I hope not.

  23. I realize it may be a delicate issue involving many personal perspectives inappropriate to air publicly but I would be very interested to understand why viewer developers leaving Emerald choose to fork new projects rather than join and support the already TPV directory listed Imprudence viewer team.

  24. Are you still involved in Phoenix? I didn’t see your name listed in the wiki.

    Thanks, BMM

  25. It’s unfortunate that the Emerald had all these borderline security issues. I find Emergence is perfectly fine as a viewer and feel good that the security stuff is not an issue but my problem is that now I have tons of inventory items trapped in the viewer and I can’t get at them cause I can’t even load the program!! It would be great if a folder could be st up that would transfer all the viewer files into no matter what viewer I was using.

    • Why not connect to the opensim grid with emerald and get your junk out that way? Copy+paste for scripts and whatnot… I’m not entirely sure what you had in there, but it’s a thought.

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