Windows Instructions to not use emkdu

1.) Navigate to your Emerald installation directory
Normally “C:\Program Files (x86)\Emerald Viewer” or “C:\Program Files\Emerald Viewer”
2.) Look inside for the file name emkdu or emkdu.dll
3.) Delete it while Emerald is closed
4.) Optionally copy in llkdu from one of Linden Lab’s viewers

I will be making a simple installer to do this automatically for you soon.


  1. What is the advantage in doing this ?

  2. Thanks LGG, if only more EM devs had your integrity!

  3. The reason to do this, is that the other emerald developers have continuously bugged the emerald viewer using this file, because it is a closed-source file, meaning they don’t give the source code out, and can put whatever they want in it (although some white-hat hackers have helped us and shown the malicious code).

  4. […] has provided instructions for swapping out emkdu.dll with Linden’s llkdu.dll. See: Windows emdku.ll and Mac emkdu.dll. This provides a quick fix to the current problem. So, if you feel you just have […]

  5. Does this affect Mac versions? If so is there something I can do?

  6. Thank you Greg!

  7. I just tried this trick but sadly it makes emerald beta crash within seconds after completing the login.

    • Same with me! What to do please.

    • Don’t know if it’s actualy needed, just to make sure to simulate a fresh install:

      – A llkdu.dll from SnowGlobe 1.4.x should be used with latest Emerald to make sure it’s using the right version, same goes for 1.23.x, just search for the Linden fork.

      – Clean your cache manualy, the entire folder.

      – Not sure bout if this is actualy nessesary but: Delete the entire %AppData%\SecondLife folder (Windows), this affects ALL clients except Kirstens and such who use their own %AppData% folder, also… Don’t forget to backup your logfiles etc. coz they’ll be gone when done !!!

      Emerald should startup all default and needs to re-init all config files, nothing more you can do ammafraid… Pls. maybe you can fill me in here Greg, coz is still crashing BADLY on me..

  8. About the time the original Viewer 2 beta came out, in February, Emerald was suddenly shockingly slow at loading textures. It took a long time to fix. Since this DLL is apparently a library to handle textures, is there a possible smoking gun there?

  9. Probably worth having a we look in C:\Users\\AppData\Local\Temp\emerald too

  10. […] LordGregGreg su un altro post dava indicazioni su come fixare il problema, semplicemente sostituendo manualmente il file […]

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