Mac Instructions To Not Use Emkdu

1) open your installed emerald application with right click (or ctrl-click if you on apple laptop with one trackpad button) -> show package contents
2) navigate into the Contents/Resources folder
3) find the file name libemkdu or libemkdu.dylib and DELETE it.

You can test that you have done this successfully if you go (at the top of your screen) to

help -> About Emerald

in the top half, scroll down some, and look at the jpeg2000 decoder, it should say

J2C Decoder Version: OpenJPEG: 1.3.0, Runtime: 1.3.0


  1. […] instructions for swapping out emkdu.dll with Linden’s llkdu.dll. See: Windows emdku.ll and Mac emkdu.dll. This provides a quick fix to the current problem. So, if you feel you just have to have Emerald, […]

    • keep in mind that the emkdu part is only the part that has been found to contain hidden code. As I mentioned before, this shows a much deeper issue in the code, once certain developers feel it is ok to encrypt and hide things. It’s up to you to decide for yourself, just please take your time and understand that this may not be the only issue.

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