What the cats drug in

So, we have Satin, the cat who likes to bring in snakes and put them on our bed for us to see and be proud of her.

And we also have Phoenix, who likes to grab anything interesting he finds outside and let us have a look.  This includes half foot long dragonfly’s,  mice, a bat, snakes, and today, a baby squirrel.

All of them are alive and basically unharmed, which is very impressive, especially the bat.  And every time I had to find a way to get them out of his mouth and into a bucket to put back outside.

The squirrel was a baby tho, so I had to make some phone calls and good rehabilitator who knew how to specifically care for it.

I snapped a few pictures first tho, cute cute.


  1. aww how sweet is that 😀 iam glad its not harmed or anything ❤

  2. My cat is a real a pain ( but then again who’s in’nt) all she ever did was bring in live mice and the odd time dead ones and even half eaten ones.

    But is so nice to see a cat bring in some thing that is stll alive and ofr the baby squirrel how cute is that.awwww

  3. OH! SO CUTEEEE! 😀 <3!!

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