Windows Growl For Skype

I modified a program that makes skype events show up in growl, you can download it here

Download Growl for Skype

There are other apps for growl available Here

My modification only made it work on x64 and gave it a icon.


  1. nice ^^

  2. Should I run it as administrator?
    my machine is Windows 7 64bits

  3. It doesn’t appear in application list of Growl for Windows if I run it as normal.
    It appear in application list of Growl if I run it as administrator, but in this case it cannot communicate with Skype.

    Skype version is
    Growl for windows 2.0.4
    Windows 7 64bits

    Could you help me?

    • try running everything as administrator.

      • Is it the only solution? I hope to run it as normal since if I run Skype as administrator, all other skype plug-ins should be run as admin as well.

      • probably not, but i find it allot easier than banging my head against windows for hours.

      • do you have any idea or hint? any suspicious things? cuz I alread tried to check firewall setting, diff version of growl for hours as you mentioned, my brain is not working any more. I am curious what is used for actual communication between growl and growl4skype.
        Anyway, thanks for your reply.

      • pretty sure it all runs through a internal tcp connection.

  4. Just a heads up there is a new version at

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