Stealth Option in Emerald Removed -.-

Some emerald devs have decided that the option to not have the emerald tag should be removed, as the other alternative (how snowglobe 1.3 does it) allows your textures to be easily stolen.

However, instead of letting the other alternative be the default 2.0 behavior, they have decided that this was “lying” and for whatever reason, I am outnumber, a bit ridiculed, and it has been removed from emerald (till maybe 2.0 version, I don’t know).

what viewer you are on is not public information unless you choose to make it.  (name), you know quite well that it doesn’t have to be technically available to anyone other than LL.  I feel this is a privacy choice that should be up to the users to decide.  Not some developers who think they can foresee all possible reasons for such a feature.  I will go along with w/e the majority of the devs feel, but this is a core issue to me as it goes along with what i have in my head is a persons right to privacy where at all possible.  A stealth option in emerald is a feature that causes no harm to anyone else, it has been a valuable feature to people in the past, and I think it should always remain an alternative.

I am.. unreasonably upset over this.


  1. A very large portion of the user base will be unreasonably upset by this too.

    • What really gets to me is that the arguments i was presented with were contradictory and really just horrible. It was like i was talking with a group of lawyers who had nothing but technicalities to deal with.

      None of that matters tho, for w/e reasons it really is they no longer want it.

      OTR will be gone over my dead body. Making it more user friendly / more silently correcting errors is a better option.

  2. Oh my! Sorry but it seems Emerald looses some real good features. Privacy is a given good and should also be respected by devs.
    So when will OTR be gone?

    I have the feeling some devs feel to mighty

  3. Personaly i dream of OTR to be gone… 🙂 such a borring stuff in noob hands… but that’s another subject.

    about this feature i agree with you LGG and i am very sad to hear it 😦

  4. good to hear. I like OTR in a way. Since I do not really trust in LindenLabs.
    Well my profile is visible to them anyways but it is useful.

  5. I don’t like neither OTR nor IRC in Emerald it is a waste of effort to have those in a viewer…
    But the stealth mode is one of the most important stuff in emerald. Usefull against anti-emerald lobby.

  6. There’s something increasingly uneasy about the projects hosted under the modular systems website. Just looking at the recent patterns:

    1. Onyxbots. They were not disclosed until they were already unleashed on the grid. The justifications by the onyxbot developers were along the lines of “This is better for everyone, trust us”

    2. Datamine. This project was only disclosed when it was leaked by third parties. The justification was “This isn’t really that important. It’s not part of the emerald project, everyone else is gathering your info also so it’s not a big deal.”

    3. Emerald – removing stealth option. The rational appears to be “If you choose to not wear clothing protection, you could conceivably be facilitating texture rippers, so we’re making this decision for you.”

    4. Emerald – recent discovery of usernames being sent to modularsystems URL on login. I believe this was innocent as lgg has explained, but am seriously alarmed that it hasn’t yet result in an fast, release-version patch. I’ll help with such a patch if needed. From what I understand the fix is only in the alpha that removes the stealth option!

    All these things together have harmed the integrity of the emerald project, both directly and by its close proximity to modularsystems. The pattern for the modular systems projects overall has been marked by a lack of transparency and even arrogance. I don’t know how the integrity of the emerald viewer can improve unless it is further distanced from these disturbing behaviors.

  7. Why not made a new viewer, in red, with all your knowledge on viewer, less bling bling as Emerald is, and far more stable, a kind of what sean frequency have made with SnowglodeFE ?

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