Stealth Option in Emerald Removed -.-

Some emerald devs have decided that the option to not have the emerald tag should be removed, as the other alternative (how snowglobe 1.3 does it) allows your textures to be easily stolen.

However, instead of letting the other alternative be the default 2.0 behavior, they have decided that this was “lying” and for whatever reason, I am outnumber, a bit ridiculed, and it has been removed from emerald (till maybe 2.0 version, I don’t know).

what viewer you are on is not public information unless you choose to make it.  (name), you know quite well that it doesn’t have to be technically available to anyone other than LL.  I feel this is a privacy choice that should be up to the users to decide.  Not some developers who think they can foresee all possible reasons for such a feature.  I will go along with w/e the majority of the devs feel, but this is a core issue to me as it goes along with what i have in my head is a persons right to privacy where at all possible.  A stealth option in emerald is a feature that causes no harm to anyone else, it has been a valuable feature to people in the past, and I think it should always remain an alternative.

I am.. unreasonably upset over this.