Hard Drive Failure Update

So if you remember this post about my hard drive needing to be recovered, its still not over.

For starters, the brand new 2TB hard drive laura bought me brand new had bad sectors in it as well…  what are the odds of that?  That’s a total of three hard drives toasted in a matter of days with nothing stupid happening.

I took it back, and got a working one.  Laura’s computer got a new hard drive, so I go that back.

Recovery failed though.. because my cat hit the plug and disconnected the hard drive.. and this programs save states don’t work correctly (took about a days worth of trying to see that they suddenly had bad file start offsets)

Over the past week I kept running into the same problems, something would always happen and stop the hard drive from being able to stay connected long enough to be backed up.

So the solution… while laura is away, set up her computer in a safe spot of the house, vnc into it, and control the backup process from there.

Seems to be working good so far, I need about 20 more hours


  1. Sounds like a bad power supply. I had a case where the monitor keep getting dimmer and dimmer very slowly over a few weeks, it was until one day I finally notice it was really dark. I put in a different card to test if it was the card or monitor. Tuned out to be the card. After getting the new card and while I had the case opened, I measured the voltage outputs and discover they was way over spec. I tossed the power supply really quick after that. While electronic chips can take under volt pretty well, they can’t take over volt too well and will let the smoke out if voltage goes up too much.

  2. I had 3 harddrives dieng last year. Well one was my own fault. I dropped it while it was running. Lost all my MP3s in a second.
    But the others died because of the power supply. It had a few years on its back and I got rid of it pretty fast. Since that time I had no problems at all

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