1 Mouth – 2 Notes (at the same time)

So most concert instruments can only play one note at a time, this includes trumpets, saxophones, vocal cords, etc.  (some examples of instruments that can play more than one note at a time are the guitar or piano).

However, with brass instruments.. you produce the sound vibrations by buzzing your lips at the desired frequency… which means your vocal chords are inactive…

So with a little bit of practice you can buzz one note, while you sing another, ( i think that is called double buzzing.. cant remember)

It’s interesting because the length of the tuba (based on what valves you press down) determines what harmonics you can resonate at, and when you are singing along with it, its interesting to feel the resistance as you are in between these pitches.  It causes a neat overlap as well.

If you forgive the fact that i haven’t played tuba in over 4 years… and that the instrument is a POC…  an that my microphone is the built in one on a laptop (not good for low frequencies) … and that my room probably has the worst resonance possible…


  1. You could do a live performance of 4-Indolo,3-[2-(Dimethylamino)Ethyl],Phosphate Ester

  2. it seem you like music, am i right?

  3. yeah, i envy the days when i could perform

  4. i am too, but i let passion away for now due to RL lack of time… but one day i will do it again.

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