New Devs!

Two new developers have decided to spend their time making emerald better for everyone.

Vaalith Jinn, who is working on an amazingly epic feature that will let you use textures on your hard drive as if they were in second life (auto updating when the file changes, etc)


Dimentox Travanti, creator of both the Toxic viewer and DCS, who will be helping with the port to 1.3, as well as some original ideas of his own that may lead to branching out windows to the operating system, or allowing a pipe to be able to use alternate lsl editors easier.

In case you were wondering if Emerald bought Linden Lab, or if DCS bought Emerald, none of this is true, dcs is not going to be implemented in emerald, etc etc.


  1. yeah big welcome both.
    nice to see Dimentox i love the work he have done on toxic’s interface.

  2. Nice to hear.
    I am looking forward to the new features and I am happy about Emerald beeing in the list now 🙂

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