Third Party Viewer Registry and PAR

So if you look back in this blogs history to February 25th, you  will see that I applied PAR to the registry a day before hand.

I had originally planned to keep all this correspondence about it private, but I have lost my patience with it and figured I would give you guys a little bit of insight on what is going on.

My first request was denied with this response. (on march 9th)

Thank you for your application to the viewer registry. We are unable to
proceed with the application for the following reasons:

1)    The feature list is not complete or is deliberately
obfuscating the inclusion of potentially malicious features.
2)    Grid Proxy is not part of the application, but Grid Proxy is
required to run the plug-ins.

If you wish to apply to have Grid Proxy listed in the registry, please
update this application with the necessary information or file a new one.

Which was absolute bull shit, and very insulting.  For the first point, the thought that I was obfuscating the inclusion of malicious features is absolutely absurd, it doesn’t even have a exporter!  So I figured that he meant that my “feature list” was not complete.  This point is absurd as well, as you can see Kirsten’s viewer (and many others) do not have a complete feature list.

So to play along and resolve this, I re-applied with a complete exhaustive list of every feature in there, as well as being much more clear and addressing the second point, how it is based on the code in grid proxy which is included in the program.

I figured they really didn’t bother to look and read anything more than the name.  And since it said “plugins” they just assumed it meant something useless that doesn’t even run without getting grid proxy or something.

So then I get to wait an entire month for this email response on April 12th

Thank you for your update to the viewer registry. As mentioned in our original communication, we are unable to proceed with the application for the PAR Plug-Ins, as the directory is intended for software which logs in to our servers, which the plug-ins on their own, do not.

If you wish to apply to have listed in the registry a software client that logs into our servers, please update this application with the necessary information.

Best Regards,
The Second Life Viewer Registry Team

Which seems to once again show an ignorant understand of what I submitted, regardless of the new information which I felt was inescapably clear. (Yes, PAR DOES log into second life)

So I was forced to consider that maybe they are not considering grid proxy applications as “viewers” and thus do not belong on the registry.  I responded back the same day explaining how it does truly log in, and that ignoring proxy programs will really leave a big loop hole in the registry, not to mention how it makes all my work look malicious if it isn’t listed.

Frustrated with the response time, I talked with Joe in one of the emerald meetings about this (I was so..wound up about this that I even let my voice crack for the recording), and he assured me that they have fixed the problem, and assigned a new team which meets and discusses things daily.

Today I gave up on waiting for a response, and went to talk with Joe again at his second brown bag concerning the policy.  His response was logical and made sense,  he clearly stated that proxy applications do belong on the registry, because they do log in, and that he does wish to encourage their development.

If only the other lindens I was corresponding with heard the word…

TL;DR;  I am completely disgusted with how my application has been handled thus far.


  1. Why should you continue to play games with these clowns? What are you accomplishing? You helped grow jcool410’s Emerald project and now he uses his connections with Linden Lab to gain access to private information and pretty much attack anyone he wants. Third-party development is even less welcome than it was before and Linden Lab thinks the mafia games are a great time. Are you sure you understand what it takes to win the approval of these people?

    • For now.. I am just going to hope for the best.. The talks with Joe are encouraging..
      As far as emerald, i consider that just as much mine as his, I havn’t seen any evidence of him getting private info from LL that all the devs dont have. The whole tpvp stuff sucks.. but I understand (and hope) all they are trying to do is cover their legal ass.
      And yeah.. i really hate being in a position where i have to get approved by someone who doesn’t give a damn… let’s hope it doesn’t last long.

  2. I have an inventory system bug since i had try a Linden Lab beta… Tthey just close the subject each time i reopen it… Linden Lab doesn’t care about us but we have to do with it.
    and i love PAR (perhaps more tan Emerald)… so don’t stop the inovation 🙂 great work and goes on.

  3. I’m using 2 avatars from Emergence I made a third avatar cause my female avatar I don’t like the name someone that helped me picked for me, so I want to transfer all my goods from my old avie to my new avie, but I can cause the new avie’s that you make on Second Life now don’t have a last name just a first name, Emergence your site will not let you log on until you put your avatar’s First and Last name, So with that I will not be able to log my new avie that I made on you site since she don’t have a last name, So can you make it Optional that you can use just the First name and no Last name for people with the newer avie’s and the First and Last name for the people with the older avie’s please hlp me!

    Thank YOU

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