Bad People

This is going to be pretty general, and applies to allot of the negativity you see hanging around emerald.

The main thing that I wanted to clear up is that everyone on the emerald team is a separate person, with separate pasts.

We do different things aside from emerald.

Skills does the CDS stuff.
Fractured, Phox, and Skills do the ONYX Stuff.
I do the PAR stuff.

etc etc.

We come together to work on emerald, what other people do outside of emerald is frankly not my responsibility.  We are not each others mother.  Everyone in emerald dev is there because they contribute productive time, and that is what matters.

So if you like to make blanket assumptions like “I think [Person X] is bad, therefore emerald is bad!”;  you really should consider that everyone is in emerald dev who is not “bad”  has the responsibility to ensure that emerald is not “bad” either.

If anyone in dev went crazy and tried to add something to emerald that was harmful, there would be a serious whiplash, it would be exposed immediately by the other devs.


  1. “I think the person that owns the emerald project as a whole is bad”

  2. hindisght is always 20/20 – this post proves it.

  3. Hi there, i have found Emergence adequate but it crashes several times a day.It.s not my pc’s or SL or network. It always indicates Jorel is still in SL but the Emergence page drops off my screen and i must relog which takes at least two cause SL says I’m still there. Also any AV I’m with at time of crash says i’m there. My partner and I are on MS messenger and use voice so she tells me I’m still with her.
    Where does this problem y please?


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