Encryption in SL is LEGAL

Way back in the day that the Third Party Viewer Policy was being discussed, it was mentioned (perhaps by an unofficial source) that encryption within second life might be an issue.  The grounds for this being that a side effect of having secure communications, is that it can become too secure, and remove any administrative oversight from Linden Lab.  (A worst case scenario being that LL wouldn’t be able to stop or detect two individuals age playing withing their IMs)

I do regret that privacy can help illegal activity, but I also see that the lack of it can help them much more… (there is a reason any web site having to do with money or personal information uses http-s , and encrypted line to prevent primitive sniffing)

The good news is, that LL has decided that encryption is legal, and does not violate the Terms of Service , or the Third Party Viewer Policy!  Once arguments concerning it were brought to light, it was quickly dropped from the discussion, and it was made sure that no restrictions on its use were included i the TPVP.