Rage at blind bawwers.

So we released a new version of emerald.  It has tons of fixes, and tons of new features.  Took us about 30% of all the work ever spent on emerald to make it like that.  We did extensive beta testing, and are sure everything is working.

Yet all I get, anywhere, are complaints.

Why didn’t you add this feature?  You guys really need this feature?  Why did you remove this one feature, I can’t read a change log.

Or I get a bunch of people who say it has all these errors when we put the fix in HUGE RED TEXT right were everyone has to go.

I think I’ve gotten about 5 thanks, 3 of which were tainted with a complaint at the end.

Maybe people forgot why we do this.  I go through allot of hell, through support, bug fixes, changes, have to deal with people like neil.  It used to all be worth it when people just said thanks.. apreciated it.

But now it is just taken for granted.

I wonder if this is the same phenomenon that makes people break up with the one they are in love with.  Seems that over time.. depending on what you pay attention to, you take the good things for granted, and all that is left in your head are the bad things.  And that’s all that leaves it too.


  1. This new preprocessor setup looks like it’s going to be something I and my colleagues use extensively. This client is full of stuff we wished the Lab got around to doing years ago.
    The Emerald team’s been doing an exceptional job.

  2. I,m gonna start by saying thanks to yourself and the rest of the devs ,the emerald viewer has made my SL experience so much better,no crashes,fast rendering and it runs on my shitty old osx 10.4.11 mac.i was using 950 until today becasue the 1101 universal didnt work on 10.4.1.now running 1585 and its like greased lightning.i may have moaned a bit about 1101 not working but i still appreciate the work that went into the viewer.I even went as far as checking out what was involved in doing my own PPC build with the source and knowing whats involved in just that task,i know that the work that goes into making the viewer must be extensive.

    Emerald is now being used by a large proportion of people on the grid and i think the upshot of that is the less tech savvy have no comprhension of the work that goes into the viewer.There is also probably some people who see themselves as customers of modularsytems so expect customer service even though they havent paid a penny for the viewer.

    Your just seeing the entitlement attitude that prevails in much of todays world.

    Keep up the good work and dont let the bastards get you down.

  3. i have been kinda busy with some other stuff, i plan on testing the new client later today (after having made backup copies of the xml filess so i can see if i can figure out how to bring back the missing checkbox people are crying abouit)

    But from the previous versions i’ve used, and my interactions with members of the team, i have way more reasons to thank you guys than to complain about the client. Bugs and missteps and all, you guys still rock! 😀

  4. weiurd, the smiley got misplaced somehow…

  5. Well I for one wrote a lengthy reply to those criticising emerald and pointed them to these blogs so they understand the work that goes on. Some of these people have no clue that it gets tested and even fixes bugs from the official viewer. If I can help with testing in any way,let me know.

  6. As a proud member of the Beta team, I KNOW how much time and effort and pain you guys went thru to get this out. I’m no sort of techy at all, I just feel i can give useful feedback from the viewpoint of an average user.

    There’s an awful lot of us out here who think you lot are AWESOME and really really appreciate what you do to give us the best viewer.

    Unfortunately you will hear more from the moaners than anyone else – Just know you ARE appreciated 🙂

  7. Think of each person who signed up for beta testing as a silent “thank you” and an affirmation that we believe in the project and what you’ve been doing.

    Or look at it this way, the people who do complain are just the ones who either held you to an even higher standard than you imagine, or else are so completely ignorant that they expect any major software release to be 100% bug-free.

    If it makes you feel better, when people asked Suzanna Soyinka why development of CCS was behind schedule, she posted a copy of one of Valve’s schedules next to a copy of Valve’s actual progress dates for an old project, to point out that there is no such thing as software that is developed on schedule and with no bugs, regardless of the company.

    Of course, if the people who complain want to see what software that was released on time without listening to their beta-testers looks like, they can always install Windows Vista.

  8. Sorry for all the complaints when you make something great you are bound to attract morons and there seem to be plenty wish I had a giant MUTE button. Thank-full for everything you and all the other Dev’s do.

  9. The emerald team made my SL alo easier and alot better with even the first virsion I could get a hold of (Greenlife 47). What you guys do is amazing, awesome, undescribable. Now check that crappy SL 2.0 Beta (PreAlphaPreMilestonePreReleaseCanditate). THAT was all LL could do. Well not alot isnt it?
    Yoou make SL better! Keep that in mind!

    regards Joran Yoshikawa

  10. I think the most vocal of the people who use Emerald will be the ones that have a complaint or problem. But i am sure that there are multitudes of us that love the Emerald viewer and have been lax in expressing our gratitude for all the hard work you guys have put into it. Count me as one of your happy devotees. I would be so sad to have to use any other viewer.
    My hat’s off to all the developers and testers that make my SL experience alot richer.

  11. Revisiting this, I think it’s telling that a lot of SLers I’ve talked to have decided to wait for the third-party developers (like Emerald’s team) to “fix it” before they frequently use the new SL Viewer 2. In other words, they have significantly more trust in the third-party devs to make a solid, flexible client than they do in the official team.
    I think I’ll be one of those waiting, lol.

  12. Thank you, LGG and others, for the hours of effort that went into making Emerald such a wonderful viewer. It is much appreciated.

    And I too will move to a “v2” badged viewer when it also says “emerald” 🙂

  13. I’ve been a senior software engineer for the last X years (ahem, some number more than 10 that no one here really needs to know 😛 ) and can absolutely relate. Anything that a person creates out of nothing contains a huge amount of “self” poured into it, and a basic human need is to feel appreciated. It’s odd to put this in such personal terms, but this is the reality of it. There are real people working on Emerald, and while it takes a thick skin to release anything to the public, people are still people.

    Couple that with the oldest problem on the internet, that anonymity destroys manners, and things can look bleak at times.

    That said, everywhere I go on the grid, I see at least 50% of users on Emerald. You’re doing something right. The something is that you’re making SL more enjoyable, in real, tangible ways. People will always complain (I have, too) out of their frustration, etc .. but hopefully the sheer number of Emerald users active on the grid is testament to you and the Emerald team that your work is very, very much appreciated.

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