Rage at blind bawwers.

So we released a new version of emerald.  It has tons of fixes, and tons of new features.  Took us about 30% of all the work ever spent on emerald to make it like that.  We did extensive beta testing, and are sure everything is working.

Yet all I get, anywhere, are complaints.

Why didn’t you add this feature?  You guys really need this feature?  Why did you remove this one feature, I can’t read a change log.

Or I get a bunch of people who say it has all these errors when we put the fix in HUGE RED TEXT right were everyone has to go.

I think I’ve gotten about 5 thanks, 3 of which were tainted with a complaint at the end.

Maybe people forgot why we do this.  I go through allot of hell, through support, bug fixes, changes, have to deal with people like neil.  It used to all be worth it when people just said thanks.. apreciated it.

But now it is just taken for granted.

I wonder if this is the same phenomenon that makes people break up with the one they are in love with.  Seems that over time.. depending on what you pay attention to, you take the good things for granted, and all that is left in your head are the bad things.  And that’s all that leaves it too.