GPL Idiots and Arrogant Selfish Bastards

GPL is basically an open source license that generous coders can use to release all the information and time they took to make a project for free to anyone who sees the value in their knowledge.

It basically states that anyone can take and modify someone’s GPL code to do w/e the hell they want, so long as it stays GPL licensed. (aka, the modifiers must also give out the source code as well)

Now this is a wonderful little license. It lets generous coders be able to teach the world, while also insuring that this productive cycle continues as long as the project lasts. Basically all of my recent programming has been learned from open source code, and I, as well as millions of people are forever indebted to the programmers who released it.

You must realize that releasing a project of yours open source practically removes your ability to profit from it. The code and everything it takes to create an exact duplicate of what you have created, are now free to the world.


So here is the issue. People are selfish. Especially ignorant people who are so prideful of the modifications they have made, that they completely forget where 90% of the code they are using is from.

They slap the original creators in the face, and break the law and their own integrity when they take this code, and distribute it closed source.

So Neil, fuck you for doing this to my code. And to all other modified closed source “private” viewers based on LL’s code, you’re a disgrace to yourself.


  1. Unless you’re also going to publish your malicious slproxy plugins along with source code, you seem to be talking out your ass

    • for goodness sakes.
      1. They are not malicious in any way.
      2. The openmetaverse library they are built on is not a gpl license.
      3. The code has always been open source.

  2. Plugins are *NOT* part of the original code, and therefore aren’t necessarily covered in the same license. See for example plugins to Mozilla Firefox & Thunderbird, where there are a good number of plugins that are *NOT* only not open source, they’re completely commercial, requiring payment to get them in the first place. Likewise, Photoshop plugins, and damn nearly other major program using a plugin architecture.

    For that matter, GPL is hardly the only open source license. As far as taking code from the original Linden Labs client – you have three choices – *PAY* LL for the rights (OnRez did this), license your changes under the GPL to the general public (and if you want it distributed as part of the mainline client, you have to sign over rights to LL so that they can, if needful, re-license it to their commercial clients), or not distribute your changes at *ALL* – you’re free to make your own client with said changes, but you are *NOT* allowed to distribute said changes to anyone else.

    Unless you’re a lawyer, this license stuff isn’t rocket science. The major licenses to worry about are: GPL, BSD, Apache, and commercial. Most of the rest are variations of the ones listed, and several sites have good discussions of the differences, and the nuances.

  3. releasing software opensource doesn’t always remove the ability to profit from it. most notably if the software is part of something larger. eg, the SL client. I’m sure LL is still turning profit

  4. of course LL make profit with SL… it is a company not an organisation.

    the main problem with Neil-life is that he do like if ALL THE CODE was from himself (and i have used Neillife in the past… not so exeptional viewer too many bug)… and in this i agree with LGG.

    • I don’t even care if he acts like the code is his, or even if he sells it.

      What I do care about it that he obeys the license agreement he accepted by modifying it. And that he distributes it as specified by the GPL.

  5. Well, from what I’ve read and seen, he’s afraid that people are gonna “steal ‘his’ code”, and supposively some guy already did it. That still leaves him, and the other guy needing to follow the GPL.
    -The ‘afraid’ bit’s kinda lulzy. Bit on the hypacrit side more though considering his viewers are like 98% Emerald code, 1% code that’s been done before, and 1% really horriable floaters and code. Hell, he dosen’t even bother trying to make it “officaly” NeilLife. Still spoofs it as Emerald via LL’s side.
    -Also the “I don’t do anything wrong” bit is lulzy. Considering what he’s doing is nothing better then giving a prisoner a butter knife and jackhammer and saying “Ok now don’t try and kill anyone or try and escape or it’ll be your fault.” Now, no detection AND restrictions on exporting would be ok. Restrictions on animations and sounds too even, but alas he dosen’t and plays childish.
    –But yea. Sorry bout the rant, and I agree with LGG as well.

  6. Sorry for reviving this, but it’s just funny. Neil’s pissed because people, like skills and the Onyx project you guys are pulbicating, are “trying to destroying his viewer”. Personaly, I think he did that himself.

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