Security and Privacy

When security removes privacy, your doing it wrong.

Furthermore, I hate people who abused privacy and ruined it for the rest of us.  If you are one of the people that have caused the stereotype “only bad people need privacy”, I really hope you suffer greatly for eternity.

“A thief always has the best lock” is total b.s. as well.  It does not take a thief to understand vulnerabilities and weaknesses in security.  Nor does it take a thief to have something meant only for themselves.


  1. This seems a bit vague

    I wonder what event, or series of events, might have prompted this.

    • A couple conversations ive had with my friends, and with some people in sl. Their logic fallacy seems to be on a brain washed level when it comes to this subject.

  2. why is the “Exponential” post password protected?

    • didn’t feel like i wanted everyone reading it.

  3. HI, Pretty please please can you enable your topics rss feed ?? TYI also, really loooking forward to being easily able to alter my follow cam height 🙂 will this be done by shift+scroll or something?

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