Torchlight is amazing.

Just listen to the music in town, I have never seen anyone walk a line so perfectly.

They choose the best line.


  1. torchlight is ok. Fun art style. It gets repetitive though, like almost anything of it’s genre. And the limited number of dungeon tilesets, and monsters, becomes annoyingly apparent if you go into the shadow vault a bit.

    Also, I’m not fond of the whole “enemies scale as you do” mechanic. Your weapons scale too, of course. And skills. Which is where I start to wonder what the point in having a level system is at all. All it means in the long run is that certain poorly designed skills become useless because they don’t scale well. I guess the main dungeon has set levels, but the infinite dungeon, and all sidequests, are scaled to your level.

    I played about 5 floors into the shadow vault. But I got bored of it, when I was fighting the same zombies I had been fighting almost at the start of the game, except that they had somehow gained 30 levels as I had. I wouldn’t mind the scaling if it constantly introduced bigger and meaner looking things, but it doesn’t. You just fight the same enemies as before, and the only difference is their stats. Nevermind that you can make it rain fire and summon a million minions, those zombies are still going to take at least as much work to kill as they ever did, if not more.

    tl;dr, decent game, gets boring

    • yeah, that’s when i looked into the mods for it, they made it a pretty open platform where nearly anything is possible, the nethermage class is really nicely done and has a good playing style.
      and once all the mods get old, time to make your own 😛

  2. /r/link to said nethermage mod. And possibly other recommended mods.

    I have a few mods, but mostly minor tweak stuff like making gems above cracked droppable. Never tried deep gamechange mods like new classes.

    • I think you will find that this program makes it really easy to install and update mods. takes all the messy out of it.

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