Follow Camera

So, while walking around in SL, you can use your mouse wheel to change the follow distance of the camera easily.

However, there was no way to change the follow height (well, there is a debug setting you can set, but you have to relog for it to apply).

So Sakura (commonly in a short avatar) asked me to let control+mousewheel be able to adjust the 3rd person camera height.

Although all of this could be done with a lsl script, being able to change that smoothly on the fly is pretty handy.

Will be in the next emerald release.

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So.. after looking at precedent

I’ve decided I am going to patent my kids.

That way when some dirt bag marries my daughter I can sue him.

Edit: Now fiancee approved!

Security and Privacy

When security removes privacy, your doing it wrong.

Furthermore, I hate people who abused privacy and ruined it for the rest of us.  If you are one of the people that have caused the stereotype “only bad people need privacy”, I really hope you suffer greatly for eternity.

“A thief always has the best lock” is total b.s. as well.  It does not take a thief to understand vulnerabilities and weaknesses in security.  Nor does it take a thief to have something meant only for themselves.

Swine Flu

After about a week of it, and being pampered, I am now immune!

It’s like the flu, just with more sympathy from people.

also this


Torchlight is amazing.

Just listen to the music in town, I have never seen anyone walk a line so perfectly.

They choose the best line.

Hello world!

Hello world.
So what should I do with this blog?

Sakura: tell ppl that second life wants to take away everyones freedom and then start your own radio show, then get your own TV show on fox