RGB Shades Hue Section Mod

I added some RGB Section code to the RGBShades.
It lets you visually (or automatically) select a start hue color, as well as a stop color, and the rest of the glasses effect will scroll through these colors instead of the entire rainbow.

This is my first time touching arduino, so nothing too magical yet, but I wanted to share it regardless.

Download from here: https://github.com/lordgreggreg/RGBShades/tree/experimental

Forked from RGBShades from here https://github.com/macetech/RGBShades

Get or make your own RGBShades here http://docs.macetech.com/doku.php/rgb_shades

Pumpkin Carving!

I made two patterns while pumpkin carving with friends.

Feel free to use them as well!



Skype Log Viewer and Exporter

I made a small program that lets you view and export all of the chat logs that skype has saved. If you are like me and had trouble doing this with other programs, this one will fix the most common shortcomings.

Harmony Drawing

So Mr.doob made a really nice html5 drawing web page that lets you use nearest neighbor and other things to make some fancy effects.

I modified it to add some rainbow effects, you can download it here. (unzip, then open the index.html in firefox)

Some examples while i was making it.

Amy The Hedgehog Pumpkin Patern

Amy Rose Pumpkin Patern

Amy Rose Pumpkin Patern

Over 1 Million Skins Installed

I know it is kinda silly.. but I modified a program to install custom skins in the league of legends video game, and a few days ago it installed over a million skins, pretty cool 🙂

Play by Play stats here.

Contact Sets for Phoenix and Firestorm

I added a way to organize friends inside a second life viewer.

Also wasted my time giving it a bubble effect, it was allot of fun.

You can see how it works here and a video here.